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Fair friendly service

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scratches & dents

we offer a 1st class scratch and dent removal service

To see if a dent is accessible, we offer a FREE, no obligation INSPECTION to evaluate the damage

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free estimates

sit tight, we’ll come and visit you at your home, or workplace

we know you’re busy, so as part of our excellent service, we’ll come and inspect the damage and give you some friendly advice completely free.

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lease/hire car repairs

do you have a company lease car which needs repairing before it’s inspection?

we can save you £000’s on your company car repair costs. contact us today on 01924 826 184 to arrange a free quote before the inspector arrives!

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See the Magic for yourself!

we take care of all your vehicle smart repairs & valeting in Leeds and around the Yorkshire region.

The benefits we bring to both the public and trade are cost effective and convenient, plus the added advantage of giving a truly first class job. We can also submit a portfolio of very satisfied customers, some of which are employed by trading standards.

Abracardabra is a great mobile service to bring your car back to showroom condition..

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